• SpringVoid2018

    Spring Void 2018

    Fister, Chrch, Red Apollo, Dogs, Kultist

  • VoidFest2017

    Void Fest 2017

    Belzebong, Groundhogs, The Underground Youth, Yuri Gagarin, ZU, Spelljammer, The Well, Oozing Wound, Death Alley, Cult Of Occult, Uada, Ohhms, Travelin Jack, Paramnesia, Demon Head, Venom Prison, Full Moon Fiasco, Hildegard Von Binge Drinking, Limestone Whale, Ill Wicker, Astroboy, Down With The Gypsies

  • Winter Void 2016

    Hexis, Grieved
    Fistula, Grime

  • VoidFest2016

    Void Fest 2016

    Valient Thorr, Radio Moscow, Conan, Seven That Spells, Hexvessel, Damo Suzuki’s Network and Jelly Planet, T.B.H.R., DeWolff, Coogans Bluff, Year Of No Light, Nadja, Monarch, Toner Low, Naxatras, Tombstone, Unru, Odd Couple, Fai Baba, One Sentence, Supervisor, Mdme Spkr

  • SpringVoid2016

    Spring Void 2016

    Usnea, Inverloch
    Hell, Carrion Mother

  • VoidFest2015

    Void Fest 2015

    Rosetta, Lantlos, My Sleeping Karma, The Picture Books, Mother’s Cake, Deathhawks, Mantar, Beehoover, Phantom Winter, Hooffoot, Pastor, Pauw, Get Your Gun, Hemelbestormer, Kasan, Paramnesia, Acid Piss, Dysis, Shelter People, Limestone Whale

  • Spring Void 2015

    Naomi Punk, The Wulffs
    Monolord, Salem’s Pot
    Dead Meadow

  • WinterVoid2014

    Winter Void 2014

    Inter Arma, Mantar, Earthship, Black Voodoo Train, Mother Engine

  • VoidFest2014

    Void Fest 2014

    Church Of Misery, The Atomic Bitchwax, Kadavar, Light Bearer, Rose Windows, Hark, Monomyth, Doomina, Mother’s Cake, Sun Worship, Brahm, Suns Of Thyme, Atlantis, Oddjobmen, Swan Valley Heights, Pfandflaschenkommando

  • SpringVoid2014

    Spring Void 2014

    The Entrance Band, Eagle Twin, Limestone Whale

  • VoidFest2013

    Void Fest 2013

    The Flying Eyes, Sgt. Sunshine, Asteroid, Omega Massif, Mars Red Sky, Downfall Of Gaia, Blues Pills, DxBxSx, Heat, Stonehenge, Carrion Mother, Torso

  • WinterVoid2013

    Winter Void 2013

    Naam, Camera, Fire Walk With Me

  • VoidFest2012

    Void Fest 2012

    Rotor, Naam, Kadavar, The Grand Astoria, Been Obscene, Iguana, Dirt Deflector, Motorgoat